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Baby Head Protection Pillow

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🐝 This Baby Head Protection Pillow for toddlers with a cute design lets your baby look like a bee.

A Baby’s body is so sensitive. 🎈 The period when toddlers learn how to walk is very important and dangerous. We, adults, should take care of our infants. Baby Head Protection Pillow creates a soft layer of protection. 🤸‍♀️Even if your child falls, it will not get a bruise.

It protects HEAD, SHOULDERS, NECK, AND BACK of your toddler.

Made of cotton, our Protection Pillow is very soft and can’t be injurious to your baby’s health.

💯 Little children learning walking, running, and crawling, may easily fall down and hurt their head and shoulder. 

This cute Baby Head Protection Pillow will help you protect your kids. Just like a Backpack!

🎈It is light and doesn’t press on your baby’s head or shoulders.

Straps are designed according to the baby anatomy. It will be comfortable for your infant and he won’t feel tight.

Your baby will love the cute and funny design of this pillow which will make your baby recognizable.

Customer Reviews

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33 customer reviews
  • C***n
    1 Oct 2020
    This butterfly cushion backpack is both cute and functional! My baby doesn't fuss having this on since it doesn't really weigh down on her nor restrict her movement. Honestly, other than when I clip it on and off her, I don't know if she notices it's on. On that note, it's not that hard to adjust the straps and clip it on her so it's secure. We "crash tested" this backpack by letting her fall back while she was trying to sit up and she just smiled when she landed back on top of the cushion. The backpack does a good job of breaking the fall backwards when sitting and cushioning her head, which is most important!
  • S***e
    1 Sep 2020
    I love this product and its one of the best things i have gotten. My daughter throws herself back when shes crying so she would hit her head or she loves to play with the super heavy carpet and she would end up falling back so this was a HEAD SAVER LOL. Its super comfy and it doesnt bother her at all and she looks super cute. I would recommend its thick enough to protect baby.
  • G***w
    1 Sep 2020
    I used this product for my 8 month old that is in her crawling/ walking furniture clumsy stage. She busts her head on a daily like clock work. This has really reduced the amount of ouches and tears. I wish there was a way to secure the clips on better Because they have been pulled off a few times. They are easy to put back on though. Other than that this has been great.
  • F***n
    1 Sep 2020
    This little bee backpack has literally been a life saver. My 10 month old has been wearing it consistently for the past month and a half and it has saved him from smacking the back of his head on our tile floors too many times to count. He was a little interested in trying to pull it off when we first put it on, but now he wears it all the time and doesn’t seem to even notice it is there. Such a simple, cheap, and effective solution for a common baby issue.
  • H***u
    1 Sep 2020
    I bought this for my little one to avoid using piles and piles of cushions everytime we put him to play. Never expected much but this product is really good. While it doesn't protect him much when falling on his side, it does manage to reduce the impact and slow him down (because of the back part), however, it does protect the back of his head perfectly when falling on his back and that what concerns me the most. He actually enjoys falling on his back knowing that it won't hurt.
  • G***n
    31 Aug 2020
    Thus is just what we needed, we live in a place with wood floors so we got this for our 2nd one, it is super soft and fits our 10 month old great, it doesn't stay place very well all the time, but the chest strap definitely helps with that
  • D***n
    31 Aug 2020
    Bought it for my 6 month old who had trouble sitting by himself and I always had to put pillows around in case he falls back. No more pillows, thanks to this product.
  • D***n
    31 Aug 2020
    We use it everyday! Have saved my baby from many head bumps. We bought for when she was learning to sit up but use it now months later for her learning to walk!
  • G***b
    31 Aug 2020
    The first day it arrived, I placed it on my son. He’s just beginning to pull himself onto things and was pulling himself up on the couch and fell back and luckily had this backpack on and landed his head softly on it. I love it!
  • H***m
    31 Aug 2020
    Ar first my baby was crying and doesnot want it. After 20 mines he seems use to it and never cried again. So cute and look very protective
  • G***n
    31 Aug 2020
    It is cute.
  • D***n
    31 Aug 2020
    My baby doesn't feel it when wearing it.
  • Q***m
    31 Aug 2020
    I love these little wings.
  • D***o
    31 Aug 2020
    This is prefect for our little one who is learning how to walk. It helps prevent from hurting her back & head in case she falls.
  • S***h
    31 Aug 2020
    This is a great idea , and a great product
  • Q***c
    31 Aug 2020
    It does a great job to project baby heads. It did a great job to protect my 10 month son.
  • Q**m
    31 Aug 2020
    Purchased as a joke for my grandson but my daughter loved it.
  • A***i
    31 Aug 2020
    This is probably one of the best things I have purchased for my child.
  • A***b
    31 Aug 2020
    Has saved my baby’s head from tiled floors many times!
  • F***m
    31 Aug 2020
    This is super cute and does work for when they fall backwards now sideways is another story LOL
  • E***o
    31 Aug 2020
    It looks adorable on my baby.
  • D***n
    31 Aug 2020
    I like the strap it has cloth sown..It wont hurt baby's shoulders.Its very soft product.I just wish there is no hole and it has eyes.I would look more cute
  • S***j
    31 Aug 2020
    It's wonderful quality, fits perfectly, and it doesn't seem to bother my baby at all.
  • S***o
    31 Aug 2020
    Cute little protector. Only issue is the elastic strap are already unraveling a bit
  • G***e
    31 Aug 2020
    The protector is easily adjustable and most importantly doesn't bother my child while playing, which means he is comfortable wearing it.
  • K***a
    30 Jun 2020
    Very comfortable thing. I'm buying my third niece. Suitable from the moment when children try to sit down (or get up, who has what before)
  • G***a
    25 Jun 2020
    Not full proof protect. But my baby does not like the helmet shaped protector as he keeps on removing and playing. This one however he keeps without any issue and also looks good. 🙂
  • O***v
    16 Jun 2020
    Cool thing! They ordered another helmet, or then the kid with this protection-the eye is managed by the forehead, then the side of the fall...
  • K***s
    16 Jun 2020
    very good quality. satisfied with product. shipped to USA fine.
  • N***n
    30 May 2020
    This has saved my sons in his falls plenty of times, I only gave a 4 because I think they should improve the design to also cover the sides of the head as it only protects against back falls, babies fall forward and sideways more often than not.
  • N***a
    24 May 2020
    So I bought this thinking that my daughter would have it on 24/7 while learning to sit up... wrong. We used it once, took a picture and it’s been in the toy box since. It’s really cute and my daughter didn’t seem uncomfortable when she had it on, just not really a need.
  • I***n
    19 May 2020
    I fell in love with this bee and looked forward to it! It went great. Soft, no smell. Qualitatively made product.. Happy with the purchase. Thank you store!
  • X***o
    13 May 2020
    Fast enough delivery, good quality

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